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Since 1994, Cairns Raw Materials has been giving advice and inspiring ideas in the gardening community. We are here to help you with your gardening and landscaping projects. As an Australian family owned and operated business, we know everything there is to know about local climate, soil, plant life and pricing. Give us a call or come explore our huge facility today.
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How much product will I need?
For a recommended depth of 100mm, 1m3 will cover 10m2. There are 16-18 bags of Mulch (60L) to 1m3.

For a recommended depth of 50mm, 1m3 will cover 20m2.

A roll of hay will cover approximately 15m2. A bale of hay will cover approximately 4m2. There are 4-5 bales to a roll of hay.

Bagged Products
1 bag of Bali Stone (20kg) will cover approximately ⅓ of a square metre. 60 bags (20kg) of Sand makes 1m3.

Block laying
1 bag (20kg) of Brickies Loam to lay 15 to 20 blocks. 1m3 of block fill will fill 132 blocks.

Concreting, Driveways & Footings
Here’s a handy guide to how much cement you will need for 1m3 of Premix:

• 20 bags for water-tight, high strength concrete
• 16 bags for paths, driveways, patios and floors
• 13 bags for foundations and footings

Add 33% to account for shrinkage when making concrete

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